Training & Consulting


  • Course Introduction: This is a small hands-on group training program designed to train people wishing to gain knowledge on the RSI BOT-3000E Tribometer and the ANSI A326.3 Standard. The certificate training program consists of multiple modules. Each participant will receive hands-on BOT-3000E training, ANSI A326.3 Standard knowledge, an introduction to the STEP Application, skills developed in the field of Floor Safety Management and finally, a tour of the Consumer Assurance Testing Laboratory.​
  • Class of six (6) participants MAXIMUM​
  • Location: 1628 Valwood Parkway, Building 2 - Suite 200, Carrolton, TX 75006 (Just 11 Miles from DFW Airport)​
  • Fee: Certificate Course - $450 & Resources - $25​
  • Method of Study: The BOT-3000E training program will be held at Walkway Management Group’s headquarters. The training will include a classroom portion with a visit to our laboratory for the hands-on portion of the course.
  • Course Commencement & Duration: Each course will include one full day of training (9am – 4pm). Lunch will be included. The first course will be offered on June 14th and will be offered on the second Friday of every month concluding December 2019, subject to student enrollment.
  • Application Process: Complete your online enrollment form below and our friendly staff will contact you within 24 business hours to discuss enrollment and the next steps to secure you place in the course. Alternatively, contact us at (817) 247-8088 for further assistance and information.


Our in-house consulting team will offer suggestions regarding tribometer selection and usage (in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions). Following tribometer selection, our auditors and consultants will provide guidelines for in-house testing. Our auditors and consultants have the capability of monitoring all in-house testing through the STEP application. Routine monitoring identifies trends, which can add an extra layer of protection by ensuring compliance with industry standards.


With WMG’s floor safety management program you get:

  • An easy, scientific approach: Our systematic approach to floor safety is based on case studies, peer reviewed research and scientific standards. We will train and certify you in walkway safety methods which satisfy the highest legal and scientific criteria​.
  • Tools and training for consistently superior results: Our goal is to reduce slip and fall exposure through education and training. Slip testing protocols meet ANSI requirements, which include the BOT-3000E (state-of-the-art equipment), and our proprietary ASTM compliant reporting software (STEP). A program of training, testing, and monitoring results in a thoroughly comprehensive platform to reduce risk.​
  • Products that are proven to be effective: Before incorporating any product into the WMG program it is both internally and independent tested and validated for effectiveness and safety. Our affiliated partner labs are focused exclusively on walkway safety which is unique in the United States.