Business Opportunities


We seek associates who have a shared desire for entrepreneurial success, and who value the prestige of belonging to a team of respected professionals. Our standards are high in everything we do and if you are up to the challenge, we want you to be a part of this enterprise. We offer a sustainable business model that can be expanded as far as you choose. If you are looking for financial security for you and your family and a chance to make your contribution to a safer world, WMG can offer you that.

  • Join a national network of highly trained, accredited walkway safety professionals. ​
  • Leverage the lead-generation power of WMG’s national marketing and account acquisition resources.​
  • Emphasis on proactive hazard identification as a certified walkway auditor ​
  • Create client value through consulting and education, focused on measuring slip resistance, systematic hierarchy of remediation (awareness, cleaning, maintenance, Sure Step treatment.) ​
  • Continued monitoring of walkway safety using ANSI and ASTM standardized test methods, mobile remote evaluations, third party reviews and data-driven maintenance programs. ​
  • Product certification for flooring, cleaners, footwear, and treatments using the WMG ISO accredited research and testing laboratory.


  • BOT-3000E​
  • License to STEP app 1 year
  • BOT Training and Treatment Training (hands on training) 2-3 days​
  • UNT Certificate Voucher​
  • X number of Gallons (TBD)​
  • One-year membership to WMG Network​
  • Access to WMG Network Platform​
  • Corporate Marketing​
  • MSA: $27,500


  • BOT-3000E​
  • License to STEP app 1 year (X amount)​
  • BOT Training and Treatment Training (training for whole company @ 1 location) 2-3 days​
  • UNT Certificate Voucher (X amount)​
  • X number of Gallons (TBD)
  • Support contract - 1 year (BOT, App, Treatment, etc.)​
  • Pricing To Be Discussed