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ANSI A326.3 is a standard test method for measuring the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) of hard surface flooring materials that can be used both in the laboratory and the field. This standard was fully released in 2017 by the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) and was developed by the ANSI A108 Standards Development Organization whose Secretariat is the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). The A326.3 method is based on the core measurement methodology of the RSI BOT 3000E tribometer. The development of this American National Standard was the result of many years of research at the TCNA laboratory at Clemson University. The flooring industry was not satisfied with the predictive strength of the traditional American slip resistance measurement method based on the Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF), and was interested in developing a new standard based on DCOF. DCOF measurements were the standard used in Europe for many decades and were considered to be a reliable proxy for the mechanics of human ambulation. In 2005-2006, the Swiss electro-mechanical engineering company, Variosystems AG, agreed to work with a coalition of interested groups, led by TCNA, to design a portable tribometer based on pioneering research at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. That research had defined the key operating parameters of a portable tribometer, including velocity, horizontal and vertical forces, and the sensor material used at the floor-shoe interface. Variosystems Switzerland and its subsidiary company Variosystems, USA introduced its first tribometer, based on the Wuppertal research in 2006. A much improved, enhanced version, the BOT 3000E, was introduced in 2011. At the request TCNA and ANSI A108, the BOT device was submitted to the University of Wuppertal for a correlation study comparing this “American” device to three different European/German laboratory measurement methods. That study was included in the doctoral dissertation “ System Oriented Concept for Testing and Assessment of Slip Resistance” published in 2009 by Dr. Jens Sebald. (Sebald, Pro-Business Verlag, Berlin 2009) The critical finding of this study was that the BOT 3000 achieved a very high correlation to the German and British laboratory standard methods and was deemed to offer a reproducible and repeatable way to measure slip resistance in real world settings. To support its decision to use this method in the creation of a new American National Standard, the TCNA lab conducted between 2009 and 2012 a series of research studies to validate the German findings as they pertained to the BOT 3000 and its successor model, the BOT 3000E. The results of the TCNA research were presented to the relevant consensus community at ANSI A108, ANSI B101 and ASTM F-13 in 2011 and 2012. Feedback from those presentations led to the creation and release of the ANSI A 326.3 in 2017. A critical decision by A108 was to include in the new standard a target threshold value of DCOF 0.42, wet or dry, depending on the prevailing condition of the floor being tested. This threshold value was first postulated by Dr. Stefan Boenig, University of Wuppertal, in his doctoral work to create a German national slip resistance threshold. The details of this research are available through the TCNA website. Variosystems sold the intellectual property rights of the BOT 3000E device to Regan Scientific Instruments (RSI) in 2011. RSI was itself founded to develop marketing and aftermarket services to support the expected growth in demand for the device. To aid it in the management of that growth, RSI has entered into a partnership with the University of North Texas (UNT) to create training modules per relevant ASTM standards to help qualify and prepare walkway safety practitioners. Using ASTM 2948-13 Standard Guide for Walkway Auditor Qualifications as its framework, the course is based on ASTM and ANSI standards, university and insurance industry research and government-sponsored information. The first of those certification courses will be introduced by UNT and will be fully available online on July 1.


Walkway Management Group is the leader in walkway testing technology and services that protect our clients from the dangers of a slip and fall accident. Our national network of safety professionals and service support team offers a comprehensive approach to walkway hazard detection, remediation, and maintenance. WMG associates offer products and services that meet the highest certifications and performance standards in the industry. Included are:​

  • Tribometry testing​
  • Hazard remediation​
  • Remote and local monitoring​
  • Lab research and testing​
  • Product certifications​
  • Training for professional certification​

This unique and innovative approach to walkway safety helps our clients prevent hazards. This pioneering concept makes walkway safety "mainstream" in that it provides economic, cost-effective solutions applicable to every walkway in America.


Our aim is to offer a one stop "solution shop" that can be tailored to any industry segment, any property configuration, and every area accessible to the walking public. The demand for comprehensive solutions to the slip and fall epidemic is great and growing at alarming rates. No other walkway safety company can compare in the value it creates for its network associates and their clients. Our staff of highly qualified architects, attorneys, forensic consultants, project coordinators, IT professionals, lab and tribometry engineers, as well as marketing specialists will all contribute to the success of building your company. "One stop shop" truly means that we can cover every aspect of walkway safety management.


Peter Ermish, CEO & President

  • Education:  Degrees in International Business and German; MBA Harvard Business School
  • Professional Experience:
  • Executive experience in international logistics and multi-site production management
  • Subsidiary General Manager and Group Director in a Fortune 200 electronics engineering and manufacturing company
  • Founder and General  Manager of Variosystems, a leading, international electronics CEM
  • Founder and General Manager of Regan Scientific Instruments, manufacturer of the BOT 3000E walkway safety tribometer
  • Participant in ANSI and ASTM standards development committees
  • Peter Ermish actively supports business-to-community outreach in support of  youth sports, athletics for special needs children, the Chamber of Commerce and various educational initiatives at elementary, secondary and university levels.

Robert Vassallo, Jr., Director of Sales

  • Robert Vassallo Jr. is a leader with a thorough understanding of both project deliverables and team organization. Over the course of his career, he has successfully guided multiple projects through all phases of testing. His ability to focus on crucial details, while continually maintaining a big picture perspective, helps him achieve tasks that consistently exceed client expectations. He is capable of coordinating multiple moving pieces on complex projects to ensure a smooth and efficient testing process for all involved. As the Director of Sales, Rob’s roles include working with franchise prospects to guiding our clients through the sales and implementation process by making the experience fluid on all accounts.
  • Education: Marist College, Bachelor of Arts, 2014
  • Assessment-Based Certificate: ASTM F 2948-13 “Standard Guide to Walkway Auditor Qualifications,” awarded by the University of North Texas, College of Engineering

Timothy Vassallo, Director of Research & Development

  • Timothy Vassallo has experience with the design and engineering of the BOT-3000E and Safe Space Ingenuity’s STEP application. With his role in the development of the CNA Insurance, Slip and Fall Study Report; Tim is recognized as a leader within the floor safety industry. CNA's use of the STEP application, has set this as the standard for DCOF reporting throughout the industry. Tim has been the ‘go to’ person for many of our most valued clients. Tim has also taken the lead on designing and compiling the WMG Training Program.
  • Timothy Vassallo has experience with the design and engineering of the BOT-3000E and Safe Space Ingenuity’s STEP application. With his role on the CPAA standards development committee, Tim is recognized as a leader within the floor safety industry. He is valued for his fast and thorough analysis of floor systems and his ability to develop floor safety planning strategies based on industry standards and safety of the individual. Tim has been the ‘go to’ person for many of our most valued clients. Tim has also taken the lead on designing and updating/improving Safe Space Ingenuity’s software.
  • Education: Pratt Institute, Bachelor of Arts, 2014
  • Assessment-Based Certificate: ASTM F 2948-13 “Standard Guide to Walkway Auditor Qualifications,” awarded by the University of North Texas, College of Engineering

Micaela Pressl, Director of Operations

  • Micaela Pressl worked in the financial industry for over six years in various positions ranging from Chief Administrative Officer for the Investor Services Sales division of Capital Markets at Citibank to being an Associate Banker in the Law Firm Group at Citi Private Bank. As Chief Administrative Officer of Investor Services Sales, Micaela worked with Citibank’s IT team to build out a proprietary CRM system that was used across Capital Markets. Micaela’s financial background brings large corporate experience to Walkway Management Group’s growing business structure. As the Director of Operations, Micaela’s roles include CRM development and growth to business development across the various entities which are a part of Walkway Management Group.
  • Education: Saint Joseph's University, Bachelor of Arts, 2010

Edward A. D’Agostino, Esq., General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

  • Edward D’Agostino, Esq. is General Counsel and Secretary of WMG. As the Chief Legal Officer of the Corporation, he provides advice, guidance and legal counsel to the shareholders, officers, directors and employees of WMG. Additionally, Ed drafts and negotiates contracts and agreements affecting the company and serves as a key negotiator of business transactions in collaboration with executive members of the organization on all matters involving the corporation and its affiliated entities.
  • Prior to WMG, Ed maintained his own private law practice in which he specialized in providing general counsel to small and medium sized businesses. He is also a retired member of the NYPD.
  • Education: Hofstra University & New York Law School
  • Ed is licensed to practice law in the State of New York

Shandra Winchester, RSI Operations Manager

  • Shandra Winchester has had a hand in the design and development of the BOT-3000E. She has over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and service of the BOT, including performing calibrations and verifications. Her background in technical and engineering support, along with quality management systems from working in the electronics contract manufacturing industry has given her the tools needed to thoroughly support our valued customers with all of their BOT needs.
  • Qualifications: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training & IPC-A-610 Certified Trainer